The Career Accelerator Breakthrough Day

Imagine overcoming months (or even years!) of being stuck and moving your career to a whole new level. That’s the potential power of the Career Accelerator Breakthrough Day.

The Career Accelerator Breakthrough Day gives you personal career mentoring and focused learning in just 1 day. You will gain new energy and focus for your career and a concise, targeted navigation plan.

You’ll discover your unique value proposition and message and create a specific plan to use your strengths and talent to catapult your career.

Do you have clear career goals? Do you know what you want to achieve?

I will help you to create your Career Vision statement and define what success means to you.

How well do you know yourself?

I will help you to turn your strengths into a competitive advantage.

How well do you know your key stakeholders?

I will help you create a ‘Personality profile’ map of your key stakeholders so you can gain buy in for your ideas.

Are you struggling to get interviews when you apply for roles?

I will review your CV and LinkedIn profile and give you insights into how recruiters work.

Is your personal brand holding you back?

I will help you to nail your USP and stand out. Why just fit in when you can stand out?

Do you have a team of supporters to help you move off the sidelines and get into the action?

I will help you identify who you want onside in your personal boardroom.

Are you doing all the work? Getting burnt out and not getting the recognition you know you deserve?

I will help you to identify and treat some common mindtraps and build up your resilience and gain better balance in your life.

What does a Breakthrough Day include?

  • An initial 1 hour long research call so I can tailor make your day to meet your individual requirements.
  • A whole day of personal mentoring. We will meet for a full day of individual coaching and mentoring and work on your future dreams, your assets, your possibilities, your life as you want to live it, your barriers, your ambitions and create a clear action plan for your next steps.
  • A 1 hour accountability call that takes place 30 days after your Breakthrough Day to check in on how you are progressing with your Action Plan.
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