Do You Want To Accelerate Your Career ?

Are You?

  • Ambitious?
  • Unclear about your Career Goals?
  • Feeling like you would like more recognition for the work you do?
  • Looking to start planning for a different career?
  • Just starting a new role at a more senior level?
  • Struggling to manage your team?
  • Feeling like an imposter?
  • Ready to take on your next role at a more senior level?
  • Feeling that you could make more of an impact within your organisation?
  • Feeling that you could create more of an impact within a different organisation?
  • Looking to get more buy in for your great ideas?
Did you answer ‘yes’ to one or more of these questions?
Career Mentoring would be of real value to you.

Welcome to Your Red Dress!

My name is Emma Nicholls - the Founder of Your Red Dress.

I mentor women in transformational habits to help them get unstuck and accelerate their careers to the next level.

I created Your Red Dress because I am passionate about supporting women in business to reach their potential and stand out in a grey suited world.